Project Runway & L’Oreal, a Seamless Match

Logical yet minimal product sponsorship is a beautiful thing. I know I wasn’t too favorable about Pepsi latching onto Simon Cowell‘s balls in its X Factor sponsorship, but product sponsorship can be done well. It doesn’t really make “sense” in the strictest definition of the word that Pepsi is on The X Factor. As a singing competition show, Pepsi really has no relevance. However, I think they’ve done a pretty good job of positioning themselves in a way that makes them relevant.

But, this is often difficult to do, which is why there are all of those official beverage/car/airline sponsors of big sporting and entertainment events. Usually the sponsors aren’t integrated into the programming and if they are its done rather forcefully. Considering, Pepsi has done a rather respectable job of integrating itself into The X Factor messaging and persona.

Project Runway does such a wonderful job of acquiring and integrating sponsors in a way that makes sense. Let’s walk through them, shall we?

L’Oreal Paris

Yes, the L’Oreal Paris make-up room. The styling of the contestant’s models is without a doubt important. The make-up sets the framework for who the girl they are dressing is and where she is going. Wesee the designers going into the make-up room for consultations and the make-up artists often spend a few seconds explaining the products they are using.

Garnier Hair Salon

Unbeknownst to me, L’Oreal actually owns Garnier, so this partnership makes even more sense. Like with make-up the hairstyling is another critical element to the entire look coming together. On the day of the runway, we see the stylists give a brief demonstration about how to achieve a particular look using Garnier’s various styling products.

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Where There’s Simon Cowell, There’s a Multi-Million Dollar Sponsorship

The X-Factor premiered tonight, praise it or boo it as you may, but there is something interesting happening here. But of course I don’t watch it for the singing talent, but for the million dollar commercial spots and the astronomically expensive sponsorship deals. The first thing I noted when the judges took there seats is the lack of a red Coca-Cola cup perched on the judges table in front of the grey-shirted Simon Cowell. But instead, a blue Pepsi cup. With Coca-Cola having sponsored American Idol for 11 consecutive seasons, it seems Pepsi and Coke are taking their rivalry to reality TV.

But this sponsorship goes much further than just obnoxious product placement, but Pepsi has actually created for themselves an explicit position within the music space. We all remember Brittany’s early 2000s commercial spot with warm nostalgia and yearning for the old Britney. Pepsi… for those who think young.  😉   But, Mariah Carey? Ray Charles? I don’t even remember Kanye and that couldn’t been that long ago. But here in the commercial below, we are reminded of what Pepsi has done with our favorite stars (or at least those who accepted the endorsement deals). Enjoy.

Where there’s Pepsi, there’s music. I say this with complete embarrassment, but the commercial gave me chills because of the sheer epicness of the greats who were included. I’d like to say this doesn’t happen often. But every Superbowl regardless of the 80 degree LA weather, I wear a sweater to cope with my sporatic chilliness. In addition to the strategically placed Pepsi cups along the judges tables, Pepsi is actually going to feature the X Factor winner in Pepsi’s Superbowl commercial. Shut up! I wonder if the money and the royalties from that commercial are part of the $5 mil they will receive.

Even though I rag (are people still saying that?) on Pepsi for latching themselves on to Simon’s balls and the ensuing money trail, this is the type of sponsorship that I live for.

Wait there’s more! Sorry I’m watching as I blog. Pepsi is even more involved in the X Factor. A social component! How innovative of them. So you can follow along with Facebook during the show and go “behind the scenes.” Again, so original. Of course this spot featured another music-related celebrity, Kevin McHale the wheelchair-bound character from Glee. I’m getting less impressed by Pepsi as we go. I was more impressed by the tweet lounge on The Voice, where the singers were tweeting live on some sponsored tablet.

What I couldn’t believe is how the stars sat their tweeting so nonchalantly before they were about to perform. I’d be shitting my pants, but I guess that’s why I’m not on television.

Anyway, I’m excited to see what else will come of this partnership. What do you think of X Factor? All it was cracked up to be?

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