J.Lo + Fiat = An Awkward AMA Performance

Fiat’s promotional roll out is a lot like the little engine that could. It keeps trucking up that hill and into various media venues making such a  it large commotion that I must address it again. Fiat seem to have entrapped JLo in a rather unfortunate contract, which apparently required her to incorporate the car into her AMA performance. When I say forced, sponsorship or blatant unabashed product placement this is what I mean.  See  below.

(JLo AMA Performance 2011)

It’s not awful, it just doesn’t make sense. The car appears, she hops in,it spins and then she’s out and moves on. There is little rhyme or reason to why the car appears in the performance other than the fact that the performance mirrors the ad, choreography, location, song and all.

Fiat achieved its goal in reaching several million captivated 18-34 year-old Americans. As far as catching a large number of eyeballs, the Fiat USA Chief Marketing Officer can sit back and have a scotch, celebrating a job well done.

But as we know, putting in ad out there doesn’t mean it worked. Ads flop everyday, products are pulled from shelves and advertisers have to forfeit multi-million dollar buys to get an ad off the air and out of publication. People don’t like feeling like they are being advertised to. Unabashed product placement gets a big eyeroll from lots of Americans, because we don’t like to be made like we are dumb, consumer machines who will buy anything just because we saw it on television. We especially don’t like it when it encroaches into our entertainment without the warning, “we will return, after a message from our sponsors.”

This is why this placement misses the mark. It’s just to obvious.





Stop trying to make Fiat happen!

Upon viewing the Fiat’s latest promotional rollout, I feel like Regina George yelling at Gretchen Weiner to stop pushing the word “fetch” as the new slang. Stop trying to make FIAT happen! It’s not going to happen! Neither is this car “cool,” nor does it have that geeky, ugly thing happening like the Prius. It’s just not happening for me and would be very surprised if it becomes “revolutionary,” a “cultural icon,” or “define a generation,” like the commercial states.

Here take a look.

I think to compare it to cars that defined a generation like the VW van or the Mustang is a major stretch. Perhaps extreme hyperbole was what they were going for here. And then they had to go and get JLo to endorse this.

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