Breaking Through the Clutter Award

Home improvement commercials in recent years, have done less to inspire us to better our lives through home renovation, but have switched their strategies to prove that they have the lowest of the lowest price. Big box stores quickly switched gears to comply with the budget restrictions of Recession-conscious America and above else have promoted themselves as extremely wallet-friendly stores with everyday low prices. The home improvement stores have jumped on this bandwagon as well and much of what we have seen air on our televisions has looked a lot like this.

But Lowe’s has brought us back to the idea of why home improvement isn’t a chore, and instead an enjoyable family tradition that happens on the weekends with Dad and continues throughout our lives. Yes, we improve, but then we improve on the improved and renovate the renovated and scrap the old to bring in the new to keep up with our changing lives, growing families and new perspectives. In your home change is good, it’s exciting and it happens through out our lives. So never stop improving.

Congrats to Lowe’s for receiving this week’s Breaking Through the Clutter award for putting out a commercial that speaks to us and gives us a reason to come to the store. The commercial digs deeper than the battle of the lowest prices to play on our emotions and make us want to improve our homes for ourselves, our partners and our growing families.

Which commercial do you think is worthy of next week’s BTC Award?


Breaking Through the Clutter

This phrase is used all the time in ad agencies. Advertiserss have to “break through the clutter,” of all of the other messages out there that are working to get consumers to buy their products, donate to their cause or tune into their programs.When I say ad-crazed I mean it, we are over-saturated, over-sold, over-promoted and over-pitched. But with all of the advertising excess, there are a select few who manage to cut through all of that noise with a strategy that goes against all others.

These are the companies we remember, the ones we like and most importantly these are the companies whose products we purchase. I always give a bit of an applause to any company who is able to successfully cut through the clutter in an innovative way. Which is why each week I will recognize one campaign for successfully breaking through the clutter.

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