The Only Fashion Show You’ll Find in Prime Time

So many events are merely PR stunts in disguise. And while we’re on the down swing from award season, one of winter’s most scantily clad, yet mainstream events pops up, the Victoria Secret Fashion show. This year was no different. Over thirty six-foot beauties graced the runway in Swavorski-encrusted bras and panties representing themes from under-the-sea to superheros and the antebellum era. It’s amazing the ways you can dress up a thong.

The entire show was more of a beauty pageant than a runway show. Each of the women displayed her personality through her runway walk, the famous Vicki S kiss blow and behind the scenes footage that showed the model’s true selves. They showed the models during interviews and showing off pictures of their childhood including their “awkward” stages, which of course didn’t exist.

These moments changed the tone of the show. It wasn’t about showing off their bodies, but about showing off their personalities. They are a brand and although un-commonly gorgeous with figures not found in nature, they represent every woman. They were sexy, fierce and above all adorable. The feeling I came away with was fun.

That is the power of branding. Victoria Secret has always promoted itself as a lingerie store that made its customers feel comfortable. It’s not creepy to find a man wandering around inside, for a twelve year-old its common place and for a forty-something it doesn’t raise a question. The Vicki S Fashion Show tops off that message, by creating a sense of inclusion. With this behind the scenes view we feel like we know the Angels. We know in order feel as fierce, sexy and confident as they do we need that Vicki S special something. I mean, what woman doesn’t want to be an Angel?


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