Google Takes Over the World

Google has been the best of the best for so long that I should have realized that slowly they would engulf the entire Internet. First they were the only name in search with their clean, white search page, intuitive results and witty,  artistic name plates that correspond with national holidays and the birthdays of famous innovators. These elements made Google the premium name in search engines. Remember Ask Jeeves? When was the last time you searched for something there? ….Exactly.

Then Google Images, Google Maps and Gmail. Everything that Google touched turned to gold, or shall I say Chrome? With Google’s browser, the acquisition of YouTube and the launch of Google+, Google has become the biggest of the big kids on the block. And now the Google Chrome’s TV spots make that statement perfectly clear by projecting the idea, Google = the Internet. There is no Internet without the power of Google. And with its multitude of applications, it seems that Google is trying to become the only place users need to go on the Internet. E-mail, got? Social networking, its there? Videos, streaming, blogging? Duh, they invented it.

These TV spots help prove that artistry, inspiration, family values and creating keepsakes do not die with advancing technology but are reborn, redefined and made better. Remember before the big BPA scare, the American Association of Plastic Manufacturers (that’s made up, I have no idea what they are actually called) released all of those “Plastics Make it Possible,” ads showing surgeons in hospitals and engineers and the such? Well, the Google Chrome ads remind me of that as they scream Google Makes It Possible. Google makes… fame, success, dissemination, ideation ….possible.

In case you haven’t seen them.

Here are more Google Chrome videos.

Perhaps you weren’t as inspired as I am, but I love the gateway message that they are sharing. Google Chrome is the gateway to the world, whatever you want to do, say or achieve can start right here on the Internet.

However, the only danger with this message is that Google may actually be saying more about the Internet itself than its specific browser. Yes, they briefly show the Google Chrome features and applications as well as the inter-connectivity of it all, but this might be overshadowed by the impact of the message itself.

Below is a Google ad from 2010, when Google partnered with Toy Story 3. I saw this ad in theaters, but I am not sure if it was aired on television too. Regardless, it is super adorable and uses famous and beloved phrases from all 3 Toy Story films. This I believe does a better job of showcasing Google’s features, specifically its integrated search display.

Here it is.

So what do you think? Is inspiration better? Or does focusing on Google’s features while inserting a bit of familiarity do the trick?


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