Pan Am Takes off with Pandora

I discovered this little gem after watching the Pan Am permiere on Sunday and have just fallen heads-over-heels in love. This is my new go to station on Pandora and I am hoping that they keep around for a while and it isn’t solely for promotional purposes. The station is a beautiful collection of the sounds of the 1940s to 1960s from big band, to Motown, Beatles and of course Sinatra. What a wonderful way to promote the show using with transformative properties of song.

You can access the channel here.

Just out of curiosity, let’s look at the show’s ratings. On its maiden voyage Pan Am had 10.9 million viewers. But what’s quite interesting is that only 3.1 million of these viewers were under the age of 50. As a 22-year-old who has been pining for years to find a replacement for what she considers the hay-day of ABC’s romantic dramedies, Private Practice, Depserate Housewives and my love of all loves Grey’s Anatomy, I was dying for Pan Am to be my show. Now I understand that all of these shows are still on the air, but they have been dwindling in years as far as content, quality and acting ability. Pan Am, was supposed to be the perfect marriage of Grey’s Anatomy mid-twenties angst, ambition and romance with the style, sophistication and scandal of Mad Men. For me Pan Am took a bit of a nosedive, I’ll tune in next week maybe it gets better.

But, for 7.8 million viewers to be over the age of 50 was quite interesting. I was wondering if the Baby Boomer crowd would want to see this show, considering they are one of the few living generations who was alive during this time. Well, nostalgia is a powerful thing….


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