Stop trying to make Fiat happen!

Upon viewing the Fiat’s latest promotional rollout, I feel like Regina George yelling at Gretchen Weiner to stop pushing the word “fetch” as the new slang. Stop trying to make FIAT happen! It’s not going to happen! Neither is this car “cool,” nor does it have that geeky, ugly thing happening like the Prius. It’s just not happening for me and would be very surprised if it becomes “revolutionary,” a “cultural icon,” or “define a generation,” like the commercial states.

Here take a look.

I think to compare it to cars that defined a generation like the VW van or the Mustang is a major stretch. Perhaps extreme hyperbole was what they were going for here. And then they had to go and get JLo to endorse this.

The basic science behind the celebrity endorsement technique is Pavolvian theory. You know… Pavlov’s dogs? Present the food, the dog salivates. Hit a tone, when you present the food, the dog salivates. Repeat this at subsequent feedings and before you know it the dog salivates when he hears the tone, associating the tone with food. So the idea is that, in celebrity endorsements the feelings and characteristics that are associated with a certain celebrity when presented alone are then transferred onto the product that she is being presented with. But JLo and a car? This is where I don’t see it.

Correct me if I am wrong. But as an average consumer and some one who pays moderate attention to pop culture, the following things come to mind when I think of JLo:



Curvacious Backside

Pop Star


Your thoughts may vary, but I am guessing they are pretty similar to these five ideas. These characteristics work flawlessly with her other endorsements — Venus women’s razors and Loreal’s Millionized Lash Mascara and Ever Sleek hair care products. Yes, JLo is a glamorous girl, and I want to look like her so this is the product that will make me glamorous. But not so much with a car. It seems Fiat is using her for the simple fact that she’s now relevant. She is a likable person and America has gotten to know her through American Idol. But is the AI audience the same market that they are targeting to buy the car?

I think the advertisers did a disservice to Fiat by trying to symultarily promote the Fiat and JLo and her song “Papi” at the same time. This is a partnership that creates a convoluted message. I feel like I pay more attention to the tight shots of JLo, the dancing and her song than the look of the car and how it drives. Additionally, as a new car I think its important to stress the benefits of the car. I have no information about gas mileage, the technology inside the car. I still haven’t seen any interior shots.

Regardless, I’m excited to see what else they’ll do. So what do you think. Does this new “revolutionary” car excite you?


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