Pan Am Takes off with Pandora

I discovered this little gem after watching the Pan Am permiere on Sunday and have just fallen heads-over-heels in love. This is my new go to station on Pandora and I am hoping that they keep around for a while and it isn’t solely for promotional purposes. The station is a beautiful collection of the sounds of the 1940s to 1960s from big band, to Motown, Beatles and of course Sinatra. What a wonderful way to promote the show using with transformative properties of song.

You can access the channel here.

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When a Plane Wasn’t a Bus in the Air

This is one of my favorite times of year, when the network shows premiere! All of the cliffhangers I was left with in late May are finally going to be resolved. I also get so excited about the new shows and the different promotional strategies that are used.

Perhaps, its a symptom of living in LA but I feel like I see more outdoor advertisements for television shows and movies than I have seen any other American city I’ve visited. However, with this oversaturation of media advertising I have a pretty good idea of what’s on the horizon as far as new television shows. One show that is getting a huge push this season is ABC’s Pan Am.

I am very excited to watch the series premiere of this show in a few hours and I believe it comes at an extremely opportune time. With AMC’s Mad Men having received critical acclaim and numerous Emmys it seems Americans are fascinated by the fashion, style, music and culture of the 1960s. It was a time when women didn’t leave the house with a hat and heels, the dangers of smoking were still being debated and nightclubs featured live bands. Its an exciting time that incites writers to revisit this fascinating period and inject their own fictitious characters. With Mad Men taking a long hiatus due to some contract negotiations with the writers, it is the perfect time for a similar show to sneak in and take some of its viewers. I, as a Mad Men fan, am looking forward to Pan Am being the perfect merger between Mad Men and Grey’s Anatomy. I only hope that Pan Am is as smart, sexy and brilliantly written as the former two.

In case you haven’t seen it, below are some of their television spots and outdoor ads.

Pan Am's Bust Stop Ad

Pan Am's Retro Ad in TV Guide

Additionally, they’ve done a couple site takeovers and banner ads on YouTube and Pandora among others. For me their Twitter promotion was the most interesting, however quite confusing. So @PanAmABC has been addressing its Twitter followers for weeks now as passengers, very cute. Along with their Twitter push they are also hosting a Twitter Powered Flight. Every person who tweets with #PanAm is entered in a drawing for a Pan Am flight bag. All of these #PanAm tweets power a Pan Am flight around the world starting in New York and heading west. This is where it gets confusing, at least to me. Every tweet gets the plane closer to the destination “every tweet flies over one thousand feet,” which doesn’t make sense to me because then the flight would have rounded the earth a few dozen times already. But then, there are scheduled dates for when the flight will land in various cities. I am well-versed in Twitter. It’s the first thing I look at in the morning and the last thing I look at at night and my favorite way to keep up with all of the news on my shows. And I couldn’t figure it out. To me this was a good idea that wasn’t well explained. After giong through the site a few times I still don’t get it. Oh well.. at least now I ‘m entered to win a Pan Am bag?

Regardless, I’m excited to take off with Pan Am tonight!!!

Stop trying to make Fiat happen!

Upon viewing the Fiat’s latest promotional rollout, I feel like Regina George yelling at Gretchen Weiner to stop pushing the word “fetch” as the new slang. Stop trying to make FIAT happen! It’s not going to happen! Neither is this car “cool,” nor does it have that geeky, ugly thing happening like the Prius. It’s just not happening for me and would be very surprised if it becomes “revolutionary,” a “cultural icon,” or “define a generation,” like the commercial states.

Here take a look.

I think to compare it to cars that defined a generation like the VW van or the Mustang is a major stretch. Perhaps extreme hyperbole was what they were going for here. And then they had to go and get JLo to endorse this.

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Where There’s Simon Cowell, There’s a Multi-Million Dollar Sponsorship

The X-Factor premiered tonight, praise it or boo it as you may, but there is something interesting happening here. But of course I don’t watch it for the singing talent, but for the million dollar commercial spots and the astronomically expensive sponsorship deals. The first thing I noted when the judges took there seats is the lack of a red Coca-Cola cup perched on the judges table in front of the grey-shirted Simon Cowell. But instead, a blue Pepsi cup. With Coca-Cola having sponsored American Idol for 11 consecutive seasons, it seems Pepsi and Coke are taking their rivalry to reality TV.

But this sponsorship goes much further than just obnoxious product placement, but Pepsi has actually created for themselves an explicit position within the music space. We all remember Brittany’s early 2000s commercial spot with warm nostalgia and yearning for the old Britney. Pepsi… for those who think young.  😉   But, Mariah Carey? Ray Charles? I don’t even remember Kanye and that couldn’t been that long ago. But here in the commercial below, we are reminded of what Pepsi has done with our favorite stars (or at least those who accepted the endorsement deals). Enjoy.

Where there’s Pepsi, there’s music. I say this with complete embarrassment, but the commercial gave me chills because of the sheer epicness of the greats who were included. I’d like to say this doesn’t happen often. But every Superbowl regardless of the 80 degree LA weather, I wear a sweater to cope with my sporatic chilliness. In addition to the strategically placed Pepsi cups along the judges tables, Pepsi is actually going to feature the X Factor winner in Pepsi’s Superbowl commercial. Shut up! I wonder if the money and the royalties from that commercial are part of the $5 mil they will receive.

Even though I rag (are people still saying that?) on Pepsi for latching themselves on to Simon’s balls and the ensuing money trail, this is the type of sponsorship that I live for.

Wait there’s more! Sorry I’m watching as I blog. Pepsi is even more involved in the X Factor. A social component! How innovative of them. So you can follow along with Facebook during the show and go “behind the scenes.” Again, so original. Of course this spot featured another music-related celebrity, Kevin McHale the wheelchair-bound character from Glee. I’m getting less impressed by Pepsi as we go. I was more impressed by the tweet lounge on The Voice, where the singers were tweeting live on some sponsored tablet.

What I couldn’t believe is how the stars sat their tweeting so nonchalantly before they were about to perform. I’d be shitting my pants, but I guess that’s why I’m not on television.

Anyway, I’m excited to see what else will come of this partnership. What do you think of X Factor? All it was cracked up to be?

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